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Australian Music Magazines (a short guide).

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A Brief summary and history of some key music magazines. PART 1 – AUSTRALIA GO-SET (1966 – 1974) Go-Set was the first Australian music magazine (newspaper), published weekly from 2 February 1966 to 24 August 1974. Founded in Melbourne by Phillip Frazer, Peter Raphael and Tony Schauble it became an influential publication, providing the first national charts of pop record sales (from October 1966). + RAM (1975 –… Read More »Australian Music Magazines (a short guide).

Vinyl Groovin’ – First Records

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Vinyl Groovin’ – First Vinyl Record Purchases I think I can recall the first vinyl record (12″ LP) I bought but memories can be illusive and/or deceptive and, before that LP purchase I’m sure I bought some 45’s, singles and EP’s, and even before that I think the first record I received was a gift from my Grandmother. Being probably only 7 or 8 years old at the time I… Read More »Vinyl Groovin’ – First Records